2 Important Aspects to Make a Raw Food Diet Healthy???


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  1. tree of life says:

    Love love love your channel ♡

  2. pinkbeam says:

    You’re a incredible human being Brittany! Thank you so SO much for all you do.

  3. Greens & Things says:

    This is so true & its up to us to make the healthy choices & make it that way,Thank you for sharing this important message Beautiful!!??????????☀️❥❧✿ Have a lovely day dear???

  4. themanagement12345 says:

    You should supplement vitamin b12 unless you are getting it from a fortified source and make sure you are getting plenty of iron as the non heme iron found in plant foods are not as easily absorbed (because of phytic acid) as the heme iron in animal products (which is not affected by phytic acid). There are some things you cant get from plant foods so to suggest no supplementation is irresponsible as someone putting out health and diet information. Some people will do what you say without doing any research of their own. There is nothing wrong with a plant based diet as long as you do it in a healthy way, which includes supplements for some things you just cant get from plants.

    • The Vegan Solution says:

      a whole foods plant based diet IS our species specific diet. We are anatomically, physiologically, biologically FRUGIVORES. And therefore you are actually incorrect. You can get all the nutrients your body requires from fruits and vegetables. Except the TWO environmental nutrients: Vit B12 (bacteria in the soil) + Vit D (from the sun) If you cannot get adaquate amounts of these two then supplementation is necessary.

      In truth, heme iron is highly inflammatory to the body, and has been linked to several chronic disorders, including metabolic syndrome, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, diabetes, and cancer (specifically cancers of the colon, stomach, and esophagus). When we consume a whole food, plant based diet free from animal foods, our bodies are able to naturally control the levels of iron in the body. If we require more iron, our bodies naturally increase the amount of non-heme iron absorbed from food. If our levels of iron are high, it reduces the amount absorbed from food until homeostasis is reached. Non-heme iron is therefore unable to reach a toxic level in the body. However, when we consume foods containing heme iron, our bodies are not able to use this natural mechanism. The heme iron is like a foreign substance to the body, and it does not recognize this different form of iron. Your body is not able to monitor iron stores and therefore is unable to prevent a toxic buildup of heme iron. The body has no mechanism to remove the excess heme iron. Instead, it goes to your liver, causing oxidative damage to the organ. When we choose to stop consuming animal products, and opt for whole plant foods, the phytates and antioxidants in the plants help to reduce the damage caused by the heme iron. Your liver is given the chance to remove the excess heme iron and it is filtered out as waste. Your body eventually reaches the point where it is able to naturally maintain adequate levels of non-heme iron. Yes, it is possible to get anemia on a vegan diet, just as it is possible to get anemia on an omnivorous diet. The key is making sure you are eating enough to support your body’s caloric needs, and making sure to include a variety of fruits and vegetables. Plant foods that are especially rich in iron include dark leafy greens, hemp seeds, spirulina, asparagus, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, legumes, dried figs, dried apricots, apricot kernels, and chia seeds. ???

  5. Nat Nunez says:

    Thank you for this! ??

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