Benefits of a RAW FOOD Diet | Why Raw? Better than Cooked Foods?






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  1. Cristina O. says:

    You definitely have inspired me to eat more fruit! ? Where i live the fruit isnt that sweet, we have a wide selection but im often disappointed. Right now cotton candy grapes are in and beautiful melons. I think I drink more water than I eat fruit but i want to change that! thank you♥️????????

  2. Linda Berardi says:

    Some doctors say too much fruit raises blood sugar. Do you believe that?

    • The Vegan Solution says:

      You’re very welcome!

    • Linda Berardi says:

      Thank you!!

    • The Vegan Solution says:

      These people don’t understand how the human body truly works ? there are only issues when you are eating too high fat! There is no such thing as too much sugar ? Simple sugars found in raw fruits are the main fuel for the body.
      These sugars are as essential to the body to function optimally. It helps to run the body via the cells. This is one reason why the body becomes stronger, vibrant and more energetic on these foods. Glucose is the primary source of energy for the body, every cell in the human body runs on glucose. Glucose and Fructose are both simple sugars and when partnered together in a whole, raw food like FRUIT it is the perfect fuel for our species. Packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, enzymes, amino acids, fatty acids, fiber and most importantly, simple sugars. Fruit cleanses the body and in particular the lymphatic system; it deeply nourishes the nervous system and brain. A high fruit diet is the best way to regenerate and heal your body. Fruit does not spike insulin when consumed correctly and it is actually used in the treatment of diabetes. ❤?✨Too much fat in the bloodstream is one element that can throw off the balance; it can create insulin resistance (which prevents cells’ proper absorption of glucose), lower oxygen levels in the blood, and dehydrate the blood, which collectively deprives the liver of three of its critical requirements: glucose, oxygen, and water. Lowering fats means you can allow healthy sugars and carbohydrates back into your diet without causing blood sugar instability and insulin resistance. Instead of limiting yourself to a few slices of apple and a pint of berries, if you’re reducing your fats, you can successfully bring in potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, bananas, and all other fruits. This protects you from
      the irresistible impulse to binge on a bad carb when glucose reserves get extremely low. When blood fat is low, and when we choose proper, natural sugars, they benefit anyone with any health challenge, diabetics included, in untold ways. Isn’t it ironic that what the liver really needs, high quality glucose, is what the popular diets of today keep us away from by limiting or eliminating healthy carbohydrates? It’s not possible to completely reverse prediabetes or type 2 diabetes— long term, for good—if the liver doesn’t get to restore its sugar storage bins. The only way to do that is to consume less fat and bring in natural sugars and other healthy carbohydrates—that is, CCC.

  3. Quinoa Boy says:

    I love the light feeling of eating raw. However, I don‘t feel best raw – I feel terrible if I do it for more days – some days in a row for a „cleanse“ is optimal, but not long term – especially for me.
    It messes my digestion, I get constipated a little, I don‘t feel like digestive juices flowing when eating.
    Literally it caused me to binge on junk, happened so many times and now I‘ve found the optimal diet for me: 95% cooked, green juices, some raw mono meal in summer, fats, carbs and protein in every meal, but not dinner to sleep better (typically high carb with veggies).
    Just my experience. 🙂 However, high carb is key. Period!

  4. Ceren Kurt says:

    Your teeth, hair and skin look great!!

  5. coffee and carbs says:

    Think you have watched one to many John Rose videos

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