Coconut Samosas

My original recipe for these was one of the first raw food recipes I ever created.

Back in those days is was really difficult to get young coconut meat in the UK, so I made them from a mixture of flax and courgette.

We’re in happier times now, where you can even get prepared coconut meat frozen, locally or online, pretty easily. So it’s now even easier to try your hand at a raw food recipe like this, which are delightful as a start for a weekend meal, for the family, or to impress some guests.

I’ve include the old recipe for the flax / courgette version at the end of the post too, just in case you want to try that variation, or you’ve come back from trying it year ago and want a reminder ?

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  1. Sofia Cibello says:

    Wooow.. can i do it with coconut oil? .. and the other question is what time takes in the dehydrator?

  2. kishan890 says:

    Absolutely Brilliant!!!

  3. Pure Living Nutrition says:

    This recipe is seriously amazing! Thank you for sharing it!! 🙂

  4. Tracy Vegan says:

    Omggg! Another amazing recipe! And I love this style of video with you talking and your sense of humor!

  5. Peggy Gibson says:

    These looks so good! I can’t eat tomatoes though ? anyone have a suggestion for a good sub ??

    • Peggy Gibson says:

      @The Raw Chef thank you so much for that! I will definitely try it. I’m so grateful for your response. Namaste ?❤️

    • The Raw Chef says:

      Sure, no problem. Try some mushrooms marinated in a little tamari and olive oil.

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